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Framed inset doors vs. frameless overlay doors

What is the difference between an inset door and an overlay door?

If you’ve shopped for a kitchen and asked for a framed kitchen you’ll probably know.  An inset door is one that sits inside a hole created by the frame.  When a cabinet is frameless, the door (overlay) sits on top of the hole created by the cabinet.

Inset (Framed) vs. Overlay (Frameless)



An inset door requires finer craftsmanship as there is less room for error.  Frameless doors are the product of cost savings.  In todays world of churning out quick product, it’s easy to build a bunch of particle board carcasses using L-brackets or nail guns and then slapping on a nice door to cover it all.

The visual effect of inset doors on bathroom cabinets and vanities is a cleaner profile.  It’s a subtle difference but one that most people subconsciously notice.   Tidal bathroom vanities use inset doors in general.  The exception is on more modern units (see Titan Series) where minimalist stylings calls for fewer lines.

At Tidal we consider all the details of our bathroom cabinets so that your bathroom designs come out looking spectacular


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Dove White vs. Coconut White bathroom vanities

Introducing the new white – Dove White 
When Tidal Canada introduced the Heritage Series in 2007, it was and instant classic.  The Coconut white bathroom vanity became a perennial bestseller.  So why, do you ask, did we change our Coconut White cabinet finish to the new Dove White?
Whiter, Brighter, Better
This is a slight tweak to a successful bathroom cabinet design that we have been pondering over for a couple of years now.  The Heritage is a transitional bathroom vanity design;  meaning it’s neither contemporary nor traditional.  The new Dove White finish is whiter and no longer carries the cream undertone.  The Dove White combined with Tidal’s move to the rectangular under-mount bathroom sink is merely keeping with the trends of bathroom designs.  White bathroom vanities are very popular now and the Dove White is an easier match for bathroom designs.  
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Bathroom Vanities vs. Bathroom furniture

A bathroom vanity is generally the bathroom sink and bathroom cabinet in the bathroom.  The olden day term referred to the make up table and mirror.  However, in modern bathroom designs, the make up area has integrated with the bathroom thus the term bathroom vanity.

Bathroom furniture is a relatively new term used to describe a higher quality bathroom cabinet.  Typical bathroom vanities are constructed of particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a cultured marble top.  Bathroom furniture uses furniture grade construction methods like Mortise and tenon joints, dovetail drawer boxes,  inset doors ect.  Tidal bathroom furniture takes it a step further by using premiums woods, stone countertops, and quality hardware.



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Wood species for bathroom vanities / bathroom furniture

Bathroom cabinets big and small are made of a wide variety of wood species. The most common are Birch, Maple, Oak, and Cherry – all hardwoods for greater longevity. Softwoods such as pine, fir, and cedar are all softwoods more prone to denting and scratching, and thus are not commonly used for fine furniture.

Birch: A hardwood found mainly on the east coast (North America) with a beautiful large swirls and waves with a less tightly knit grain pattern. Birch comes in two varieties: Yellow and White. It takes stains well for both light and dark colours. Its look is very similar to that of Maple and the two are often confused. Overall it is a very stable wood.

Maple: Also found predominantly on the East Coast (North America) it is one of the more popular woods used for bath furniture, bedroom furniture, and kitchens. The grain is fine and straight, making it very easy and stable to work with.

Oak: One of the softest and economical wood species used for cabinet making. Due to its very prominent and heavy grain, it is often used for more traditional styled bath furniture and kitchens. Oak naturally lends itself better to darker stains due to the dense grains and the grain itself being naturally dark, almost reddish colour.

Cherry: Another common wood found throughout North America and a popular choice for furniture making for the bedroom or dining room, but typically less so for bathroom vanities. The colour can vary from an initial yellowish-pink upon first cut to a deep-rich reddish-brown when allowed to age with time.

When shopping for a bathroom cabinet, one should ask the vendor ‘what species of wood’ is this made of?  Many big-box store vanities use terms as “solid wood” or “solid hardwood” but don’t mention what type of wood it is.  If they are using one of the better woods, they would have no problem telling you.

Tidal Canada bathroom vanities (bathroom furniture) are constructed of solid birch and real birch veneers.  Birch is chosen for its beautiful grain and evenness in the staining process.  So when replacing that old bathroom sink, consider Tidal bathroom cabinets for you bathroom design.

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Introducing the Kodo series of bathroom vanities

Tidal proudly introduces the Kodo series of bathroom cabinets / vanities.  Featuring a mitred frame and inset doors, this transitional bathroom vanity is not only stunning but very functional as well.  From the Japanese words meaning “soul movement” this bathroom vanity is designed to stir the soul.

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Why Renovate?

Why renovate??

A home renovation is one of the few investments that you get to enjoy every day. Whether you renovate your entire house or a small bathroom renovation, it is money well spent.  It will increase the value of your house but more importantly, you’ll get to enjoy it everyday.

Renovations don’t have to be big to be enjoyed.  A fresh coat of paint can change the mood of the house.  Changing your pedestal sink to a small bathroom vanity of proper height can get your morning to a better start everyday.  A new kitchen can make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Investing in your own home is money well spent.

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Thank You for Coming to IDS 2012

The Interior Design Show was a great success in 2012.  The Kodo series of bathroom vanities was introduced along with the Atlas concept.  Thank you to all that came by and gave us your honest feedback.  At Tidal we’re all ears as many of our vanity designs are in fact the result of listening to what the public wants.  

We hope to see everyone back in 2013 as we’ll be bringing our freshest vanity designs.  


P.S. for those of you keen enough to plan for next year, all the information for the 2013 Interior Design Show  you can visit for additional information.

Special thanks to some of this years sponsors and attendees:





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New Linden Vanity in Dove White

With the success of the Linden series in 2011, Tidal proudly introduces the Linden series in Dove White.  The Dove White is a more neutral colour allowing the Linden to be utilized in more bathroom designs.  Whether you need a small vanity or a double vanity, there is a Linden to suit your design.

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